White Acrylic Pedestals


Step into a world of snowy enchantment with our White Acrylic Pedestal Stands, where elegance meets whimsy and your display becomes a frosty masterpiece!

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage
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A Canvas of Elegance:

Immerse yourself in the elegance of our White Acrylic Pedestal Stands. Shaped with an architectural triad of plinth, column, and pillar, these stands furnish a poised and polished stage for your items, brightening your tabletops or enhancing your display cases.

Frost-Topped Marvel:

Our Acrylic Pedestals are a vision in white, boasting square tops and bottoms. This design element bestows a dash of modernity while ensuring your items are not just displayed, but rather celebrated. With these frost-topped marvels, your display transcends the ordinary.

The White Pedestal: A Versatile Vista:

These white pedestal stands are a versatile vista, perfect for illuminating a myriad of items. Whether it’s an intricate piece of jewelry or a meticulously crafted figurine, every item takes center stage, basking in a soft halo of elegance.

Your Size, Your Pedestal:

Understanding the unique demands of every display, we offer these pedestals in a range of sizes, starting from a cozy 4x4x4″ high and graduating to 4x4x6″, 4x4x8″, and 4x4x10″ high. For those desiring wider vistas, we have 5x5x4″, 5x5x6″, 5x5x8″, and 5x5x10″ high. And for your grand exhibits, our pedestals span 8x8x4″, 8x8x6″, 8x8x8″, 8x8x10″ high up to our largest sizes of 10x10x4″, 10x10x6″, 10x10x8″, and 10x10x10″ high.

The Winter Wonderland Pedestal:

Our White Acrylic Pedestal Stands are a vision of a winter wonderland. They marry timeless design with modern aesthetics, turning every display into a dazzling spectacle, and bathing your showcased items in an ethereal glow.

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