Mini Acrylic Riser Set


Our pack of 12 Compact Acrylic Risers are expertly crafted to spotlight your miniature treasures and fine jewelry, offering versatile display configurations and blending seamlessly with any decor, thus transforming your showcase into an aesthetically pleasing presentation that reflects your refined taste.

All sizes nominal
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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


The Perfect Platform:

Maximize the allure of your display area with our Compact Acrylic Risers. Meticulously designed to showcase your petite treasures such as delicate jewelry and miniature figurines, these risers provide a raised platform that magnifies the intricate details and true beauty of your precious items.

Tailored Dimensions:

These risers are expertly crafted with dimensions of 2-1/4″ wide, 3″ long, and a tasteful 1-1/2″ in height. Their compact design ensures they fit comfortably in your display area without overshadowing the items they’re designed to support. Made from top-grade, crystal-clear acrylic, these risers blend harmoniously with any backdrop, letting your showcased pieces become the star attraction.

Versatility in Display:

Offered in a pack of 12, our risers are perfect for a myriad of display configurations. Use them individually or group them together for a captivating, multi-tiered presentation that adds depth and intrigue to your display.

More Than Just an Accessory:

Our Compact Acrylic Risers are not merely a display accessory; they’re a declaration of your refined aesthetic. Reimagine the way you display your cherished possessions and let your miniature masterpieces and jewelry pieces take the spotlight in the most captivating way.