Photo Booth Frame 6-Sided


Embrace a kaleidoscope of cherished moments with our six-photo acrylic photo booth frames – a lively showcase that transforms your fondest memories into a daily celebration!

All sizes nominal
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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Celebrate Life’s Moments with Our Six-Photo Acrylic Photo Booth Frames

Bring your most joyous memories to life in a big way with our distinctive acrylic photo booth frames. These frames, each boasting space for up to six photo booth pictures or inserts, transform your cherished moments into a vivid mosaic of smiles, laughter, and fun.

Dynamic Display for Your Captured Moments

Each of our photo booth picture frames is thoughtfully designed to accommodate either 2 wide x 6 high or 2-1/4 wide x 6 high inserts, creating a vibrant and diverse showcase for your best photo booth snapshots. With room for six photos, these frames turn from a simple display piece into a captivating exhibition of unforgettable times.

Multiply the Excitement of Your Photo Booth Rental

Planning to rent a photo booth for your upcoming bash? Spice up the experience with our six-photo frames. These aren’t just simple frames; they’re a canvas for your guests to compose a visual symphony of their favorite moments, extending the fun long after the event.

Innovative Party Favors to Spark Joy

Delight your guests with party favors that outshine the ordinary. Our six-photo acrylic frames transform goodie bags into treasure chests, brimming with tokens from your special occasion. Each time your guests admire their frame, they’ll be transported back to the festivities, immersed in the joy and laughter that made the day exceptional.

Acrylic Frames: A Showcase of Happiness

Crafted from resilient, high-grade acrylic, our frames offer an elegant home for your most treasured photo booth memories. Ideal for a coffee table, a bookcase, or a workspace, these frames make your favorite moments the centerpiece of your decor, serving as a daily reminder of the wonderful times you’ve shared.