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Offering enhanced security in your currency management process, our Bill Sorter, a leading-edge cash counting tool, comes with up to 12 open-ended compartments for streamlined money sorting. Its precision design, clear visibility, and widespread industry trust make it a secure and trusted partner in handling your cash management operations.

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage
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Experience the pinnacle of organized efficiency with our Bill Sorter, a groundbreaking cash counting tool that brings a new level of structure to your currency handling process. This high-performance sorter offers up to 12 open-ended compartments, each thoughtfully sized at 3-1/2″ wide x 4-1/2″ high x 9″ deep, providing ample space for your diverse money sorting needs and facilitating easy bill access and management.

Far more than a simple organizer, our bill sorter is an indispensable tool in any count or vault room. Precision-crafted to meet stringent industry specifications, it promises exceptional reliability and durability that stands the test of time. It’s constructed from high-quality, commercial-grade, clear acrylic, designed to withstand the demanding environment of a busy count room while maintaining top-notch appearance and functionality.

Transcending aesthetics, our bill sorter incorporates 3/16″ heavy wall clear acrylic in its construction, a design feature that perfectly meets your surveillance requirements. The clear acrylic promotes easy visibility of the bills, enabling swift checks and verification, enhancing your money organizer operations.

Over the years, our bill sorters have garnered the trust of industry professionals across the country, with a proven track record in casinos nationwide. This widespread endorsement attests to their quality, reliability, and the confidence that industry experts have in our products.

The adaptability of our bill sorter doesn’t stop at US and Canadian bills. They can also be custom-fitted to handle Euro currency, extending their versatility to a broad range of currency handling scenarios. With our Bill Sorter, you have a reliable partner tailored to your specific cash counting and money sorting needs, facilitating a seamless and efficient process that transcends national boundaries.

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