Disposable Glove Box Dispenser


Our Disposable Glove Box Dispenser, made in the USA from premium clear acrylic, offers versatile functionality with its dual-use design for easy installation on both countertops and walls, providing convenient, sanitary glove access in a durable and sleek package.

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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Versatile Functionality at Your Fingertips: Disposable Glove Box Dispenser

Presenting our Disposable Glove Box Dispenser – a universal solution that delivers both convenience and adaptability for your glove storage needs. With its dual-function design, it seamlessly fits into your workspace, whether mounted on the wall or stationed on a countertop. Engineered to house one disposable vinyl glove box, it ensures easy, sanitary access to gloves at all times.

Hassle-Free Installation Design

Installing the glove dispenser is as easy as it gets, courtesy of two pre-drilled holes on the back. We also include two washers to aid in wall-mounting – please note, screws are not provided. When positioned on countertops, four non-slip rubber feet offer stability and prevent sliding, creating a firm and secure base for your glove box.

Uncompromising Quality You Can Depend On

Proudly made in the USA, our glove dispenser is constructed from premium grade clear acrylic, ensuring durability and a modern, sleek appearance. Its overall dimensions of 10″ wide x 3″ depth x 5″ high comfortably accommodate a standard disposable glove box. Please note that due to health considerations, we do not accept returns on this item.

Optimize your glove accessibility with our Disposable Glove Box Dispenser – a fusion of style, resilience, and practicality, crafted to cater to your convenience. Experience the difference of a well-organized, sanitary workspace today!