Face Mask Dispenser


Keep safety at your fingertips with our stylish acrylic face mask dispenser. A chic, easy-access home for your masks, keeping them clean, tidy, and ready to wear!

All sizes nominal
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Our High-Quality, USA-Made Acrylic Advantage


Your Safety, Stylishly Stored: The Acrylic Face Mask Dispenser

Welcome to the ultimate in hygiene convenience – our premium face mask dispenser. Crafted from clear, high-quality acrylic, this dispenser offers a sleek, transparent design that effortlessly complements any environment. With dimensions of 7″ W x 6″ D x 9″ H, it’s designed to hold a substantial number of masks without occupying much space. Note: Face masks are not included.

Accessibility with a Flip: Unique Design Features

Our face mask dispenser sports a hinged flip-top lid, granting easy access to your masks while maintaining their cleanliness and hygiene. This easy-to-use feature ensures your masks are just a flip away, allowing for swift and efficient usage especially in high-traffic areas such as clinics, offices, and schools.

Stability in Every Environment: Ensuring Your Safety

Worried about the dispenser sliding off or moving around? Worry no more! Our face mask dispenser is designed with rubber anti-slip feet that provide stability and reduce movement, ensuring the dispenser stays securely where you place it. The addition of two hinges strengthens the durability of the lid, promising longevity even with frequent use.